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Vicky Nickelson​

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we were a "camping family". One particular camping trip inspired me for life. A lady camping next to us was making pine needle baskets. I was intrigued and she noticed me watching her. She asked if I would like to learn how to coil pine needle baskets. Little does she know the influence she had on my life.


My passion is pine needle baskets and Nature. I enjoy gathering basket material as much as I enjoy coiling baskets.


I belong to the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild and the National Basketry Organization


My baskets have won many awards, including the Grand Champion at the Western Washington State Fair. I have organized several pine needle demonstrations and events, including the Coiling Convergence in Kent, Washington. At the request of many of my students, I am the author of Nature's Touch: Basketry By Hand From Pine Needles and Gourds. It is available on Amazon.



Let's talk

Vicky Nickelson

Email: pinebasket@aol.com

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